What We Offer


Creating Neighbourhoods Where Families Desire to Live

Professional Condo Corporation Managment

  • Proactive Condominium Management Made Simple
  • Our 10 step Asset Protection Management Plan saves your building time and money in the short term & long term. 
  • Legacy Planning for your condo corporation to maximize your re-sale value 
  • We help your condo corporation balance their budget, eliminating excess spending while taking care of the things that are truly important
  • Full Accounting Services
  • Proactive Condo Corp Budgeting
  • Arrears Program
  • Physical Maintenance & Inspection Program

Full Service Rental Management

Creating Neighbourhoods where families desire to live
  • Proactive Management that creates long term tenants
  • Saving our clients TIME & MONEY
  • Maximize the full rental value of your real estate
  • Reducing Costly tenant turn-over
  • Coherent rental, condo-corp & accounting systems
Proactive Property Management Made Simple
  • Efficient & modern property management systems
  • Thoughtful tenant relations that create long term tenancies
  • Maximize your full rental potential
  • Keep more money in your pocket !
  • Reducing costly tenant turn over and vacancy
Protecting your asset & maximizing Return on Investment

Our Promise

  1. A commitment to quality. We’ll treat your property as though it were our own.
  2. Focus on your investment return. We will market your rental, weighing the research
    and your numbers to set an appropriate rent; carefully select tenants; repair and
    maintain your rental in a timely fashion.
  3. Personalized service. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your property.
  4. Full-service property management. Your rents will be collected and paid promptly
    and your property will be regularly inspected and maintained.

Our Current Projects

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