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Women’s Real Estate Network

The Women’s Real Estate Network

A community of professionals and experts whose passion is to educate and empower women to purchase, manage and profit from income-generating real estate.

Develop Your Knowledge

Imagine learning with other like minded people who share similar goals and understand that reaching them is a collaborative effort.WREN works to support, coach and mentor women who see real estate as an option for lifestyle upleveling.  By connecting women to the necessary knowledge, networks, professionals and, of course, other like minded women, we can all learn how to invest in real estate.

The Dream Behind the Business

WREN’s goal is to teach you how to acquire the right property!

Whether you’re dreaming of your first property, an executive or vacation property, student housing or multi-family units, WREN will show you how the right property  can become a tool to help bridge the financial gap between where you are today and where you plan to be tomorrow.




WREN is a network of creative professionals and experts who collaborate to empower women to purchase, manage and profit from income-generating real estate.


Founder, Liza Rogers launched WREN in April 2016. After taking the summer to renovate a property with her 2 Joint Venture partners, Liza focused back on WREN and was joined by real estate investors Laurie Finnigan and Melanie Reuter.




Laurie has properties in BC and Alberta and co-founded WIRE (Women Investing in Real Estate) in Vancouver and later Victoria. Laurie is in the middle of building a new house with her partners.







Laurie and Liza are thrilled to announce that Melanie Reuter has joined the team! Melanie brings a wealth of knowledge from her ten plus years as Director of Research at REIN Canada and as a professional real estate investor with several properties including apartment buildings in BC.