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Why should you consider an investment property?

Why should you consider an investment property?

Traditional income methods, which include salaries and stock investments, are often not enough to generate the living standard or cash security most Canadians seek.

Why should a potential investor look into income properties in Canada or offshore? One of the main benefits of investment properties outside of the buyer’s home, i.e. investment suites developed in the buyer’s own home, is that the buyer is not limited by space, location or local market value.

Legacy Wealth investment properties are selected based on stringent assessment parameters which include potential appreciation value, desirability of location, proximity to popular venues and transit, and the general aspect of the property. Simply put, our properties are selected with our clients in mind, as our clients are the ones who retain sole ownership of the property in which they invest.

If you would like to learn how investment properties can help you save for a better future — today — contact Legacy Wealth to learn more about our investment opportunities.