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Plan. What’s yours? We as humans, do a lot of planning.





PLAN. What’s yours?

The dictionary defines “plan” as follows:

  • a set of actions that have been thought of as a way to do or achieve something
  • something that a person intends to do
  • a scheme or method of acting, doing, proceeding, making, etc.,developed in advance
  • a specific project or definite purpose

Everybody plans. We’re planning to have friends over, planning to get a new job or planning to save more money. We have financial planners, wedding planners, media planners, construction planners, social planners and community planners. We use day planners, project planners, recipe planners, diet planners, and weight loss planners. There are planners for gardens, planners for renovations, planners for shopping and planners for travelling. Common English lingo includes, “what’s the plan?”, “got a plan?”, “where’s the plan?” and “we need a plan”. We as humans, do a lot of planning. In fact we’re always planning.

I’m planning to sleep in tomorrow. I’m planning to leave work early tomorrow. I have to plan a dentist appointment, and I’m planning to get together with my works mates at the pub. You’ve got your “action plan”, “floor plan”,  “business plan”, “phone plan”, “family plan”, “simple plan” and all you want to do is “stick to the plan”.

With all the time we spend planning, how much time do we spend executing? A plan is only as good as the execution of the plan. Where sports teams make a “game plan” that has detailed ideas and models to secure a win, it’s in the execution of the plan where the winning is done. As in “the best laid plans….”.

It’s a powerful word, “plan”. Rest assured nothing would be accomplished without a plan. Someone planned to “create a country”, “form a government”, “build roads”, “tax the population” (Damn that plan) and “write laws”. Without a plan, we wouldn’t have cellular communications, social media or on-demand television. There would be no consistent supply of food, clothing and shelter, and we’d probably all be wandering around aimlessly in the dark looking for yes, a plan.

Funny thing about plans, when you make one, you have real good chance of meeting the goals of the plan. Without a plan, nothing, with a plan, your options are unlimited. Problem is, some of our plans are just too unimportant or perhaps, short sighted. Ever made a plan and had it work out “exactly to plan”? Felt great, right? So we make another plan. And the planning continues.

Thinking about plans, it seems to me that we spend almost as much time planning, as we do just living. Virtually every action we take is part of a plan. When we walk to the store, we have a plan. When we make dinner, we have a plan. When we get up in the morning, “it’s all part of the plan”. And then, one of the most common things you’ll hear today from a variety of professionals and media outlets is, “what’s your retirement plan”? For many, “the ultimate plan”.

Massive amounts of money are spent by a large group of financial and insurance institutions to arouse your interest in making a retirement plan. They all want to represent your interests and help you put your money to its best use. Buy this fund, put more into your RRSP, get a TFSA, save more, etc. Everybody has an opinion, oops sorry, “a plan”.

Regardless of what age you are, money becomes an important part of any plan, especially that retirement plan. When planning for retirement, there are a lot of plans. I’ll bet that we spend more timing planning about money (spending or saving) than anything else.

Our plan? “Real Estate, before it’s too late”. We’ve spent a lot of time “planning” and by seeing others plans and execution turn into wealth and security; it’s a big part of “THE PLAN”. And we’ve got hundreds of examples and people just like you who are “working their plan” to financial security. It’s not the “only plan”, but it is part of a “good plan”, and a “complete plan”.

So if you’re “planning” to be financially secure, maybe it’s time for you to include “real estate” in the “long term plan”.


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