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Investment Properties


Investment Properties have greatly increased in popularity over recent years. No matter what your reason is for choosing property investment, there are several crucial factors to consider before searching for the right property.

There are many methods which can be applied to property investment, dependent on your goals and what you want to achieve.

  1. Buy to Sell – Buying and selling investment property within the short term for profit.
  2. Buy to Rent – Buying and leasing to achieve a rental income and accumulate equity.

Property investment can be extremely rewarding but should only be entered into with due care and consideration. There are many crucial factors to consider which will determine which direction you will move in when considering the property investment possibilities.

Careful consideration must be given to location. You must decide if you wish to invest in your local area which you may be more familiar with, or invest in a current “hot spot” which may provide more attractive investment options.

Property price must also be considered, with widely varying properties available at all levels of investment. Investors tend to be guided by the capital they wish to invest in any one property.

A mortgage broker or lender will be able to advise you on how much you can borrow to invest in property, along with any further costs or fees involved. A Solicitor can also advise you on the legal costs, disbursements (local search fees, etc.) and stamp duty cost if applicable.

Once these factors have been considered, the next step in property investment would be to search for suitable properties and undertake the essential research to minimize risk and maximize profit.

Properties which are ideal for investment will inevitably sell quickly. Time consuming research can unfortunately result in astute investors missing out on some great investment opportunities, which is why partnering with Legacy Wealth can help you achieve your goals of passive income with little to no hassle.

By gaining a good perspective of your goals and aims and by not deviating from your chosen investment plan, you should form a solid basis for successful property investment.