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Who owns the investment properties?

Our clients, and any beneficiaries they wish to name, are the sole owners of any investment properties they own.

What types of investment properties are available?

Legacy Wealth invests in areas where you will find higher GDP, population growth, job growth, lower unemployment and lower vacancies. Legacy Wealth specializes in marketplaces where there are solid economic fundamentals, strong landlord protection laws, favorable property tax rates and limited rental restrictions.

Why should I invest in income properties?

Canadian law stipulates that interest paid on investment property mortgages is tax-deductible. Income properties are a growing market, generating alternative sources of wealth, security and income for investors. Clients can elect to refinance their investment property as a way to access tax-free funds to purchase more investment properties.

What exit strategies are available?

If you wish to cease investing in a particular property, you can sell at any time. As the sole owner of your investment property, you can choose to sell whenever you wish. We typically recommend that our investors hold their properties for at least three years to fully realize the appreciation of the property; however, if you wish to sell, you will not encounter any pressure from Legacy Wealth to hold on to your property.

Are the properties available for inspection?

If you wish to view potential properties, you can utilize satellite imagining systems such as Google Maps and Google Street View, or you can choose to personally inspect the properties in person, in which case Legacy Wealth can arrange for the property manager to be available for a viewing and to answer any questions regarding the property.