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Everyone’s A Winner!


A sometimes pervasive element in society that has a far reaching effect on our progress is the “Everyone’s a Winner” attitude. You know the one. Children get an award for “participation” even if they come last in a race with thirty others. Somehow, parents and teachers feel that by coddling our children and getting them to believe that it’s good just to participate that this will prepare them for the rigors of business and life. Perhaps they fear for the child’s sense of belonging. While it is good to participate, winning is better, and it’s measured.

Not sure where this attitude got started but telling children in their developing years that it is ok to just be a participant, is really limiting the child’s opportunity to learn how to compete, and how to lose or win, graciously. It’s certain that all of the luxuries and privileges we enjoy today didn’t just pop up from someone who merely participated. No, today’s innovations, business leaders, and captains of industry competed. The creators and leaders were and are the “take no prisoners”, “win at all costs”, “damn the torpedoes”, personalities.

It could be submitted that the “everyone’s a winner” attitude creates a sense of entitlement with individuals as they become maturing adults. Expecting the best outcome is a great attitude but reacting negatively when it doesn’t happen is a result of just participating. Pick yourself up, dust
yourself off and try again. Winners do. In fact, that’s how you become a winner.

Not to belabour the above point(s), (and it’s expected that readers have now formed a solid opinion about this, negative or positive) but the “everyone’s a winner” in a real estate context, is a fable. Yes, fortunes are made in real estate and the wealthy of the world secure their wealth with real estate but fortunes are lost as well.

The effects of telling someone over and over to just “participate” and become a real estate investor will undoubtedly confuse and complicate what should be a life-long learning experience. In reality the attitude should impress that much work has to be done before one becomes good at it, and successful. One has to “compete” because others are competing. Some successful investors will look at 100 properties, make an offer on 10 and buy 1. That’s a lot of work and not just participating.

The number of real estate investors is increasing. More and more people realize that residual income and increased wealth from real estate is a great plan for more leisure time and eventual retirement. However, with more and more investors, finding the right real estate opportunity is harder. There`s just more people (and institutions) looking at the same opportunities.

Not everyone can “win”. Those who do will be the ones that do more than participate. They train, and they study, then get into the starting blocks and run that race. If they finish last out of thirty, they get ready for the next race and the award they get for participating is experience, but the ultimate goal is to win.

Although you may view this as an unusual comparison (child rearing versus buying real estate) the principal is similar in that if you think you can, you will. Telling someone it’s fine to just participate when what they want is to win, does them a disservice. (And deep inside everyone wants to win). Winners aren’t born, they’re built and the attitude is everything. “Everyone Is Not a Winner”, unless they work at becoming one.

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