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Legacy Wealth - Laurie Finnigan

Laurie Finnigan

Director of Operations, Real Estate Investor, REIN Ambassador



Laurie Finnigan has worked in the finance & real estate industry over the past 15 years, specializing in business development, multi-family income properties, and raising capital in the private equity and real estate markets. Laurie is a strategic thinker and has a unique talent for connecting the right people. Her ability to be limitless in her creativity and vision is, in part, due to her having had the experience and opportunity to spend 8 years of her career residing in the Caribbean.

Laurie is an entrepreneur, active real estate investor and a member of the Real Estate Investor’s Network (REIN). She is passionate about helping individuals start building their wealth through real estate investing, because she believes not only in the financial freedom that comes with acquiring net worth, but in the importance of formulating quality life worth as well. She strives to help investors establish their own financial legacy by investing in secure, positive cash flow income properties that have strong economic fundamentals.

When designing a plan for financial freedom and long-term wealth, Laurie believes strongly in two things; first, it is never too late, and second, to begin with the end in mind. Whatever those goals are, and through every stage of the process, Laurie helps individuals and their families start or continue building their optimal life through targeted and purposeful real estate investing.

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